360SmartView is an advanced safety e-screening solution that enables commercial vehicle enforcement officers to focus their resources on carriers most in need of intervention

  • Increases efficiency of enforcement by screening all vehicles entering fixed or mobile inspection sites and quickly identifies compliant carriers
  • Allows increased focus on investigation and enforcement
  • Displays more comprehensive and current data for determining which trucks need to be inspected
  • Provides one log-in and a centralized reference tool, and reduces the need for multiple computer monitors
  • Requires few or no IT resources for full functionality
  • Includes fixed, virtual and mobile versions, with an unlimited number of users

With 360SmartView state agencies can:

  • Uses over 100
    data sources to
    help you sort and
    select in-the-station
    and on-the-road.
  • A single
    e-screening software
    solution that meets
    all screening and
    reporting needs.
  • Easily integrate
    hardware and
    currently in
  • Get inclusive
    services to
    implement the
    program from
    the grant
    process to
  • Eligible for
    CVISN funding.

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